Pennycuick Collins and Southside BID help Birmingham ‘go green’

May 12th 2015

Pennycuick Collins Partner Charles Gillett has been helping Birmingham in its efforts to ‘go green’ with the latest project ran by the Southside Business Improvement District (BID), which Charles is a Board Member of.

The Southside BID, which is made up of businesses in the Southside area working together to improve the local business environment, has joined forces with Staffordshire University to develop a living wall of green vegetation along the A38, one of the City’s key transportation routes, in a bid to offset growing pollution levels.
Staffordshire University shall be monitoring whether the vegetation is successfully trapping airborne pollutant particles as intended and, if the project is successful, the scheme could be implemented city-wide.

The full story can be read here on the Birmingham Post’s website –