Birmingham Christmas Shelter

December 23rd 2015

My name is Stephen Haigh and I am Residential Sales Manager at Pennycuick Collins. I have recently become a non-executive trustee for ‘Birmingham Christmas Shelter’, a role that Pennycuick Collins have keenly supported and have kindly made donations to, allowing me time to assist with this year’s set up period and very kindly donating to the cause.

The charity opens its doors during Christmas week and typically welcomes between 50 and 150 guests on a daily basis to provide hot meals and drinks, entertainment and a safe and warm place to sleep.

Homelessness and loneliness continue to be a problem within our society and Birmingham is no exception to this, and you will doubtless have observed those with nowhere to go other than the streets.

Each year we are fortunate to receive the donations and offers of volunteer help on which we are totally reliant, and we are always extremely glad to hear from new individuals. If you would like to donate/offer help or learn more about the charity, then please contact us at

Please spare a thought for others if you can this Christmas and I hope that yours is a very merry one.