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Great Birmingham Run 2019

A huge well done to Lyndsey Cannon-Leach and Mark Henry from Pennycuick Collins and to Zainab Khatoon and Ryan Davis of Realty Law who completed the Great Birmingham Run on Sunday 13th October; winning the Small Business Mixed Group! The group finished with a great time of 06:59:29, which was over 10 minutes faster than the runner up! An absolutely amazing achievement from all involved.

Lyndsey Cannon-Leach completed the marathon in the fastest time with a very impressive 01:27:11, coming 18th in her age and gender group! Well done Lyndsey!

Everyone at Pennycuick Collins is immensely proud of Lyndsey, Mark, Zainab and Ryan for winning the small business mixed group race and collecting so much money for SIFA Fireside.

However, the most important result of the day was the money Lyndsey was able to raise for SIFA Fireside. Thanks to the generous donations from family, friends and colleagues, Lyndsey surpassed her target of £500.00 and was able collect a grand total of £1,000.00.

Speaking about the day, Lyndsey said:

It was very hard work, especially in the weather we had, but I am extremely proud of our team for pushing through and winning the small business mixed group. It was a great team effort and really topped off a wonderful day. Being able to collect so much money for SIFA made all the training and hard work worth it. So a huge thank you to everyone who donated, it really is going to a wonderful cause

Lyndsey visited the SIFA Fireside headquarters to meet with the Melissa, the Fundraising and Corporate Partnerships Manager at SIFA to discuss further ways in which Pennycuick Collins can help going forward.

SIFA Fireside are always open to donations or volunteers, if this is something you would be willing to help with, please visit their website for more details: